sincerely, e

It is no surprise that the songs, which internalize the anxieties of solitude juxtaposed with the overstimulated chaos of the world, would result in a Laura Nyro-esque landscape of intimacy and identity. But these heady themes are not downers, as Ziman fuses them with jazzy, indie-pop melodies that are as captivating as they are luscious. Counterintuitively, she used isolation to look beyond the self and embrace the larger, if mixed-up, world outside with a grace and elegance sorely missing from much of today’s music.”

No Depression

together, alone

With “together, alone” you’re transported by Ziman’s vibrant vocals and solitary piano to the early days of quarantine when all connection was digital. Ziman perfectly captures the confusing haze of spring 2020, encapsulating our codependency with technology in one line: “My brain is connected to my hand / Is connected to my phone.” Even though many artists have released quarantine albums, Ziman rises to the top with one of the most moving and deeply relatable reflections of the past year.” - Caleb Campbell

Under the Radar Magazine

pop the placebo

Elizabeth takes us through twists and turns of her musical mastery — there’s creeping guitar climbs, steady percussive pats, moments of holy orchestration like suddenly “pop the placebo” has become a performance of pure theatrics. As always, it’s a wholly unique lassoing of sound in which Elizabeth’s classic voice leads a divine and disorienting arrangement.”

The Music Mermaid